Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stamp Camp Card

I'm a DORK! I was working so hard to get this card finished for the last 3 days of Splitcoast Challenges. I finally get it done and went to take a picture and guess what - No camera! I gave the camera to my darling son today for a field trip. All this self imposed pressure - for nothing! That's why I am a DORK!

Anyway, I needed a card for tomorrow's camp. The card needed to be adaptable for Mom's or friends. While standing in line to get my coffee from Starbucks, all I kept on seeing is Doodle Art. That became my inspiration for this card. Happy Friday!!!

grace :)


Diane said...

You're so not a dork, Grace! Let me tell you what a dork is -- a dork is someone who day after day after day has to run upstairs to her computer every time she wants to take a picture because she keeps forgetting to put the card back in the camera after uploading pictures to her blog (yup, that would be me!).

Anyway I love yoru card and how you combined this week's challenges. I especially love the way you used the hardware! great job!

kathy said...

You arent a dork. It could have been worse you could have tried to take the pic only to have the camera dead cuz someone forgot to charge love the card

Rose Ann said...

This is very pretty! I love the colors!

beate said...

Grace, that is a gorgeous card! I love it!