Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to Tie a Flat Ribbon Knot

Here are steps for tying a square or reef knot using flat ribbon such as Grosgrain.
Many thanks to Jen for helping with the photos!!!

Single-sided ribbon is used to show how to turn the ribbon so that you finish with the patterned sides showing. Ribbon that is one inch wide is shown in these photos, but the same steps apply for any width of ribbon.

Take the left side, cross it over the right and bring it under and down.

Make sure the two ends have the wrong (non-patterned) side of the ribbon showing.

Pull both left and right ends to tighten.

Use your left thumb to hold the middle.

Take the end that is now on the upper-left and flip it over your left index finger so that it lays to the right of the bottom-right ribbon end.

Keep your left thumb and index finger in place.

Flip the bottom end up to cross over the top end.

Continue to keep your left thumb and index finger in place.

Tuck the end that you just flipped up, under and through toward your left hand.

Hold the middle of the knot now with your right middle finger so that it doesn't loosen while you tighten.

Gently pull both left and right ends to loosely tighten.

As you pull the left end, flip up the ribbon so the pattern side shows.

Continue to pull both left and right ends to tighten, pulling the right end slightly more than the left.

Play with it slightly to position where the ribbon puckers if that is important to you.

Here is the finished knot.

Trim ends as desired.

Good Luck!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Dogs are Barking!

Between fighting the crowds and walking to Whole Foods for groceries, my dogs are barking! The Paper Source Warehouse Sale was unbelievable - all I kept saying was this is so overwhelming!! I have never seen so much paper, envelopes and boxes in one place! It was so crazy and sooooo cool. But now as Grace says we have to use the new goodies we bought...and we will :)

I hear the next sale is in April and is much calmer - we will see!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paper Source Warehouse Sale!!!!!!!!

Grace and I are heading early in the am for PaperSource's Warehouse Sale this Saturday. She has been to it many times but I am a newbie :) Get there early!!! The sale is cash only, but expect big discounts on stuff that's off season, discontinued items, items out of their packaging — PaperSource says most of the goods are in excellent condition, but the selection is "totally random."

Save up to 70% at this semi-annual sale!

Saturday, October 21st
9am - 2pm

Cash and carry only.
All sales final.

Paper Source Warehouse
328 South Jefferson Street
Chicago, IL 60610



Monday, October 16, 2006

Cards created this past Friday

Friday's stamp camp was alot of fun. We made Thanksgiving themed cards. The group made the most beautiful gold embossed card and envelope using the new Autumn Elegance Set. Here are pictures of the cards.

Holiday Stamp Camp - November 17th

Stamp Camp was another great success!! Thank you to all of our attendees! We have attached photos of our "Paper Artists" and their Thanksgiving/Fall creations.

We do also ask for future stamp camps, to please confirm by the RSVP date, we would really appreciate it, as we prepare all of the materials in advance at our own expense. If emergencies arise that prevent you from attending, please call us at 773-544-9787.

Our 3rd Stamp Camp will be will be held at Grace's home on Friday, November 17th at 6:30pm.
Theme: Holiday cards.
RSVP by November 13th.

Cost: $10 per class

Light snacks will be served!

Feel free to invite a friend - please RSVP via email or call 773-544-9787.

Hope to see you there!

Grace & Elizabeth

Country Living Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit Promotion

From October 6 through November 30--the time in which 1.8 million copies of Country Living magazine will be delivered--Stampin' Up! is offering to you the exclusive Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit. This kit is featured in Country Living and includes the complete die-cut Country Blessings stamp set, along with all the materials needed to create eight (8) of the beautiful invitations displayed in the magazine OR you can create anything of you choice!!

The cost of the Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit is $49.95, and includes the following materials:

*Die-cut Country Blessing Stamp Set
*Always Artichoke card stock (12x12) 6 sheets
*More Mustard card stock (8.5x11) 2 sheets
*Naturals Ivory card stock (8.5x11) 2 sheets
*Medium Naturals Ivory envelopes (10)
*Always Artichoke Classic Stampin' Spot
*Chocolate Chip Classic Stampin' Spot
*More Mustard Classic Stampin' Spot
*Ruby Red Classic Stampin' Spot
*Chocolate grosgrain ribbon 1 pkg.
*Natural hemp twine 1 pkg.
*Mini Glue Dots 1 pkg.
*Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware oval ring fastener & brads 1 pkg.
*Small watercolor brush 1
*12x12 Craft Keeper 1
*Extra Large Stamp & Supply Box
*Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit instruction sheet
*Country Living Subscription Card

Are You Ready?

If you have ever thought about signing on to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator because you are looking to make some extra cash, looking to support your habit - Or maybe you want to simply work a little closer with us!!! (LOL!!) There has never been a better time!!

While the starter kit is a great value at any time, during the Smart Start Promotion, the deal is even sweeter. From October 15 through November 30 you can purchase the starter kit for $30 off the regular price--that's $355 worth of Stampin' Up! supplies and merchandise for only $169!

When you become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, you'll have fun doing what you love, make new and lasting friends as you share your creativity, and enjoy the freedom of owning your own business.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a demonstrator and to learn more about the Smart Start Promotion,let us know and we will send out some detailed information.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Autumn Elegance Card

Here's the first of many. I finally used my new stamp set.

Getting ready for Friday's Camp

Now I have no excuses, tonight I have to make a sample card using the new Autumn Elegance set. It's as if I am intimidated by the set. I got the County Living magazine today and the Stampin' Up spread is over three pages and pretty nice. I don't normally get the magazine, but it really is presented well.

When I got the set, I realized the Autumn Elegance set makes for a nice "starter kit" for those who are not sure of what to order. Everything from "cut" stamps, paper, embellishments and inks are provided. A whole page of directions are included as well. The entire kit came in a heavier vellum storage case. Here's a picture of all that you get in the set.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Elizabeth's First Post

Well its 10pm on Monday night. This is my very first blog post. Big thanks to Grace for setting this up!!!! I can't believe how StampingontheLakefront has taken off. Grace and I are so excited to share our ideas and SU products with everyone. This Friday, October 13th (LOL) is our 2nd Stamp Camp at Grace's house. Our theme is Fall & Thanksgiving cards. I am excited for everyone to see the new Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit. I just love the rich colors!!!

Here are some neat things you can make with this kit:


Metal Tag

Place Card I

Place Card II

See ya Friday!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Autumn Elegance Promo - Country Living

The Country Living Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit
Photography by Charles Schiller; written by Elizabeth Roehrig; produced by Francis Bailey
Make your Thanksgiving table really special this year with handcrafted menus, place cards, and favors you make yourself from our exclusive kit.

Establish your party's theme from the get-go with invitations (simple or elaborate, you choose) created with this Stampin' Up! kit made exclusively for Country Living. "There's something so personal about receiving handmade cards," says company founder Shelli Gardner.


An elegant envelope, sealed with a brass tab and ribbon closure, contains a larger, more colorful invitation. Detailed instructions for both of these invitations are included in the Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit.


This pared-down adaptation features a plain envelope that is embellished with a single stamp. The invitation itself is slightly smaller in scale. For the abbreviated "give thanks" message, cover the bottom three lines of the stamp.

Do It Yourself

The exclusive Country Living Autumn Elegance Stampin' Kit includes: the Country Blessings stamp set, 4 sheets of Always Artichoke card stock, 2 sheets of More Mustard card stock, 2 sheets of Naturals Ivory card stock, 10 Naturals Ivory envelopes, 4 Classic Stampin' Spots®: Always Artichoke, Chocolate Chip, More Mustard, and Ruby Red, eight 8" pieces of Chocolate grosgrain ribbon, eight 6" pieces of Natural hemp twine, Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware™: 8 pull tabs and 16 brads, 8 sheets of glue dots, watercolor brush.

This is a special, limited-time offer and available only while supplies last. $49.95; Email or call 773-544-9787, we are demonstrators for Stampin' Up.

For more information check out

Friday, October 06, 2006

Our Beautiful Chicago Lakefront

Since we love StampingontheLakefront, I thought we should show you a picture of our beautiful skyline in Chicago. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We've Only Just Begun

It was the first stamp camp, Elizabeth and I have ever organized. And the day had come. This camp was a little different. We advertised locally and got some new people to attend. When I say "new" it means I had never met them before.

In anticipation, we organized the first stamp camp at a local eatery. I'm sure you've heard of Panera's. Great place! Several of us ate dinner and then we began making the cards we had prepared for the stamp camp. Approximately, an hour + later, I looked around and saw several smiling faces. That was the best! I knew then, that our camp was a success and then I saw one of the campers addressing the envelope of one of her newly made paper works of art.

I am so happy that our first camp went so well. Elizabeth worked very hard getting the materials together and the cards were beautiful. Here is a picture of a group of smiling faces. Our next stamp camp is scheduled for Oct. 13th, Friday the 13th - hope that does impact us. Not me, I'm not superstitious.

PS Elizabeth, we've done it! We're blogging
If you have any questions, please email us at