Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Bella

Today I finally had a chance to post my latest addition and her name is Flowahbella. These cute little Bellas are addictive. They even have a bellaholicsanonymous group on Yahoo and there are currently 404 members! If you'd like to check out the other Bellas you can see them all on Stampingbella.

For those of you that don't believe in the Easter Bunny - Well here he is. I spent most of today looking for some stuffed animals called a Webkinz. It's the latest tween craze! They are little stuffed animals that you go on-line and register them. They have an entire on-line world of gaming for these creatures. I think you can even interact with others on-line. As I was looking for them, I learned there are school clubs dedicated to Webkinz. What will they think of next?
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Elizabeth and I wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter.
grace :)


iralamija said...

Beautiful work!!

Have a nice day!

Bety :)

Anonymous said...

I love the cared and the picture of the bunny.

Diane said...

I love the card and how bella's dress cocrdinates perfectly with the designer paper! The bunny picture is adorable as well!

Ally Stamps said...

Greta job on the Bella!! I love her dress!! i need to try this with my bellas!! They are just begging for designer dresses!! and I to believe in the easter bunny. He live in our backyard! My 4yo calls the little bunnies that play in our backyard the easter bunnies. He said there has to be more then one cause there are alot of kids!! They can't fly like Santa! Oh from the mouths of babes!!