Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well by now you have probably heard the tragic news, Heath Ledger died this evening from a possible a drug over dose - What shame!

Update: It appears we may have to quickly concluded he had overdosed...it may have been accidental and Ledger had pneumonia at the time of his death.

What is even more a shame is his little daughter Matilda will grow up without knowing her Daddy.

Here is some facts...

-- Born Heath Andrew Ledger, April 4, 1979 in Perth, Australia
-- Son of a French teacher and race car driver/mining engineer
-- Graduated high school early at 16 and began to pursue a career in acting
-- Made his first big screen splash in the US in 1999 as Patrick Verona in "10 Things I Hate About You"
-- Dated Naomi Watts in 2002
-- Won a ShoWest Award for the Male Star of Tomorrow based on his performance in "The Patriot"
-- Named one of Australian GQ's Men of the Year for acting, 2003
-- In 2005, he received a Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor in a Drama" for "Brokeback Mountain"
-- Heath becomes engaged to Michelle Williams, whom he met on the set of "Brokeback Mountain"
-- Daughter Matilda Rose born October 28, 2005
-- Academy Award Best Actor nominee for his role in "Brokeback Mountain", 2006
-- Williams and Ledger split in August, 2007
-- Heath found dead in NYC at the age of 28, January 22, 2008

Rest in Peace

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