Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chicago has 2 of the Top 9 Unique Structure soon to be built

I live in the Loop and across the street a new building is being built called Aqua - condo/apartment building and is planned to be completed in 2009 in Chicago. This is one of the 9 Unique structures being built in the world! It begins on the 53rd floor and soars 81-stories, it’ll only be when you get close and look up that you can appreciate the ripple/jelly effect created by variously sized balconies from top to bottom.

The phenomenal Chicago Spire, when completed in 2011, will be the world’s tallest residential building and the tallest building of any kind in the western world. It is seemingly modeled on the image of a giant drill poking through the ground, the 609m structure will dominate the Chicago skyline.

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Sonya said...

Wow...Im in Lake In The Hills and I had no idea about these new buildings being

They are way cool though. I love the ripple one.

I havent been downtown since I went to see The Color Purple last May.