Thursday, May 08, 2008

Scrapbooking Bonanza!

May is National Scrapbooking Month and May 3rd was National Scrapbooking Day! My friend Amy had a Scrapbook Bonanza at her home this past Saturday and it was a Bonanza!

She had about 20 of us over - we each had our own space so we could spread out all of our stuff - some girls looked like they were moving in with their suitcases! We had snacks on the tables and a spread of dips, chips and sandwiches and later on pizza and salad. Dilly-lish!

Amy was so sweet to give each of us a gift bag with tons of ideas and goodies to take home. We also had our names entered into a drawing for tons of awesome gifts. Another highlight - the Kentucky Derby Race was going on and so we all put in $5 and picked a number. Mine was 8Visionaire. I didn't win ;( But it was fun lol.

Jamie & Beth

Michelle & Amy

Marilyn, Kathy & Mary Beth

So as we all know I do not scrapbook so I made my Mother's Day cards and a few cards that were non-SU (about 12) that I have been wanting to make for a few weeks/months lol.

This is my carrot card

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day Card 2

Owl card

My table mates Kelly and Cheri

Beth and Kathy


Amy providing a Xyron tutorial

Amy 2 pages that she completed in 12 hours lol

Amy drove me home on LSD and we saw one of the building by my place lit up with CPD in honor of the St. Jude's March for fallen officers. Amy literally stopped on Lake Shore Drive to try to take these pixs - I am hopeless with my camera at night - maybe I should read the instructional manual lol

By the way this was about 2am - after our drive through Bridgeport lol - I was so dragging the next day. But I did get a few more cards done on Sunday.

Here is the whole collection:

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