Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nancy's Parents Project update

So last night I took pictures of each of the "memories" that we worked on. Nancy had a great idea to collect bunches of the cards she has received on behalf of her parents and put them in a bundle to have her parents go through when they open up their treasure box.

Loving that pretties box - playing with the stick pins from Stampin' Up and the pearls and crystals - especially picking them up when I spill them all over the carpet lol

If you click on the photos you can seem them much closer...

I added some embossing to some of these to give them a little extra something

I needed to branch out of the natural earth elements into a wee bit of color - originally we were staying in the browns, cremes and olive greens but it was getting a bit drab

aren't these photos great?

so we have about half of the project done...

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