Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Cousin Margel's Trip to Chi-Town

So I am finally posting my pixs from my cousin's trip which was like a month ago lol - I am about to leave for Long Beach so I will need to get moving on those pixs a bit sooner. Anyways, she had been here for my wedding 6 years ago and hadn't remembered much of her time so we planned a fantastic time for her current visit.

She arrived Thursday night and hung out at my office for most of the afternoon after my mom lost of her keys in our parking garage - senior moment lol.

We had a late dinner at DeCero's - a great little Mexican restaurant on the west side of the Loop.

Friday morning, we heading out to Lincoln Park and did a bit of shopping (lol okay we did A LOT of retail therapy) on Armitage Street.

I thought this store's name was so funny! Stinky Pants lol

Then we had lunch at Minnie's on Halsted.

Then we raced back downtown to meet my mom for a trolley tour of the city for a of couple hours.

We saw some great sites of our fine city ;)

Then we met my Dad for dinner at Joe's dillylish!

Saturday am, we toured around Millennium Park...

and then we headed to Macy's

for some more retail therapy.

Margel was heading to Costa Rica the following week with her other cousin - the joy of having 3 weeks off from school! So she needed some new bathing suits.

We had lunch in the Walnut Room.

Then we headed off to see Wicked

which she really enjoyed.

Then we met my Dad for another fantastic dinner at Bandera's.

Then we took a carriage ride around the city

and had some hot chocolate at Ghirardelli’s.

On Sunday morning we had brunch at Aria's in the Fairmont Hotel.

We headed out to Naperville to enjoy some R&R at the P's house. We gave her a tour of downtown Naperville, my HS, etc. We had some great laughs and I think a great time was had by all!

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