Friday, April 04, 2008

Mini Boden

I recently discovered the most adorable children's clothing catalog - actually in came in my mailbox a week ago. It's called Mini Boden

and they are located in the UK. I received 10% off my order and FREE shipping for my first order. I am visiting my lil' cousins in Long Beach in less than a week and they both will have celebrated their birthdays by the time I arrive. One dress (the strawberry dress above) is on back order - so cute!!!

Some may remember the 80 birth announcements I made for Ben last March

well he turned 1 on March 19th! He is loving his melon ;)

His big sis Kate (also my godchild ;) turns 4 on Monday (April 7th).

Happy Spring! I love to send them goodie boxes and here is a little headband I sent Kate recently.

Here is the V-Day one I Sent her back in February.

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