Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long Beach, CA

I had a fantastic few days in Long Beach - I saw my 90!!! year old grandmother "Nana" while visiting Long Beach (she is from Florida and was touring the country seeing her kids/granchildren). She returned to Chicago with me and is staying at my parents in Naperville til tomorrow. We celebrated her bday for like the 5th lol last night at the Park Grill - dilly-lish. I had the best Pumpkin Soup - fantastic for a fall evening.

While in Long Beach, we visited the Japanese Garden at California State University at Long Beach. My cousin Jesse is a Professor there. It would be a great place for a wedding or an event. We also spent time in San Juan Capistrano - such a quaint town! I love my pictures from there. The Mission is just so historical and when we arrived it was starting to sprinkle and just gave it an amazing feel. We had a fantastic dinner at King Fish House in downtown Long Beach. I had the best Macadamia Nut Halibut and I tried my cousin Paisley's husband's Ona fish (which I had had in Hawaii at the BEST FISH HOUSE in the world called Mama's Fish House. It's located on Paia and its divine. Anyways, side note lol)

But the main reason for my visit was to see the kiddos... Kate who is 3 is growing up to be the sweetest kid - she is my godchild and I try to see them 2x a year. She has a strong personality just like her godmother lol - Her little bro Ben just turned 6 mos and he is like a wise old man and gets this quizzical face sometimes.

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