Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ribbon Ring

I saw this on Craft Critique. The Ribbon Ring is a ribbon organizational system that consists of metal rings (the sizes begin at .75 and go up to 3 inches) and slotted plastic tags. The tags have a textured, matte side (the front) and a shiny, smooth side. Each tag can hold more than one ribbon, depending upon width: the slot on the Standard Tag is 1.125’ wide; the slot on the Jumbo Tag is 2” wide. The picture above shows the 30 Standard Tag Bundle and two and three inch metal rings, which are purchased separately.

The Ribbon Ring Starter Set is $8 U.S. and comes with one 2 inch metal ring & 30 Standard sized tags. The package holds about 60 yards of ribbon for (2 yards of ½ inch ribbon side by side on 1 tag). You can buy both the Jumbo and Standard tags in bulk (without the rings), as well as different sized rings to fit your needs. Ribbon Ring recommends the length of ribbon used in their system to be about one yard. The packages include black inventory dots to use as a reminder for the extra ribbon you cut and store.

How the Ribbon Ring System works:

* Hold a tag with the hole for the ring on top, textured side as the front.

* Insert an approximately 1 yard length of ribbon into the bottom slot of a tag from the back to front (1 in the picture above), fit it through the top slot from front to back (2), then into the middle slot from back to front (3), then back down the bottom slot from front to back (4).

* Put your ribboned tag on the ring. You can also combine the smaller rings that hold the ribbon onto one larger ring so more than one bundle can stay in one place.


* Inexpensive way to keep ribbon easily in view and at hand
* Compact, easy solution for storage
* It keeps the ribbon tangle free
* Great for travel - take your ribbon stash to your next crop!


* Initial organization takes time
* Left uncovered, your ribbon could get dusty
* The slot could potentially crimp/wrinkle delicate ribbon such as silk and velvet
* Not for sizes a lot smaller or longer than 1 yard

The Ribbon Ring system is available only online at the moment at Ribbon Ring, and at other online retailers such as

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