Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fairytale Coordinated Products/Build Your Own Fairytale

Children and adults alike will enjoy these whimsical designs and coordinating products.
Build-a-Fairytale Die-Cuts #113950

The cute fairy tale images in the Build-a-Fairytale die cuts add a whimsical touch to scrapbook pages and invitations. These die cuts were designed specifically for children's projects, and a framed scene would be adorable in a girl's room.
Once Upon A Time Stamp Set #113746

Once upon a time there was a lonely stamp. The reason it was so lonely was because with its exclusive, deeply-etched image backed with foam and mounted on a clear maple block, it was of such high quality that it felt all alone in the world. Tired of its isolated existence, surrounded by inferior stamps, the lonely stamp set off in search of other high-quality stamps. After a long journey, the lonely stamp came to a beautiful brick building where it found thousands of other high-quality stamps frolicking happily in a ridiculously large fountain. All of the stamps were not just of high quality, some of them even coordinated with the lonely stamp's design. The lonely stamp made many friends and soon learned that when it worked with the other coordinating stamps, there was nothing they could not make together. Cards, covers, scrapbook pages, 3-D items˜they were all unique and beautiful. The stamp was no longer lonely! Together with the other coordinating stamps, it lived happily ever after.
Build-a-Fairytale Décor Elements - Décor Elements Brochure

It's true---every little girl, and every big girl, wants to be a princess. Build the dream in your little one by decorating her room with these magical fantasy Décor Elements images. There's even a frog to kiss and a carriage to ride off in after the frog turns into a handsome prince. Lucky girl!

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