Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Last night I had my class at artScape - it is a 2 week class I am teaching and we made the cards that my Stamp-a-Stack class will make this Saturday. Since I didn't now the experience of these students, I thought it would be better to start with these set of simplier cards. Stamp-a-Stack is a class where the stampers will make 5 of the same card (4 designs) so the cards need to be quick. Next week, the artScape class will make the cards from this past Saturday's Stamp Camp. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Julia. But here are a few ;)

Fuzzy picture of 3 of the 4 cards


Mina embossing the ornament card

Min's spin on the reindeer card

Molly leaning to tie a knot

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